Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter / Birthday

Easter was great! We had brunch with my family and
watched the kids look for eggs, they were so excited and had
so much fun.
I wish i was still young and could go to the park and race out to the
middle to try and get as many Easter eggs and candy i could get.

Aaron and I gave each other Easter baskets.. I got him a
McDonalds and ITunes gift card, silly putty and lots of candy. He go
me a pretty white rose, New Moon, a cute little light up bunny, and
candy, candy, candy.

Aaron just turned 22 on March 28... Geeze he is getting old! Ha
We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating it with his family
and my family. We played games, went out to movie, went to dinner and
I actually made him a birthday dinner... It was so much fun :)

I got Aaron an I Pod, he finally has one now! I also got
him a docking station where he can play the songs on his I Pod
He was so happy and wanted to play with it right away. It made me
happy seeing how excited he was.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Listen to Our Songs

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Mesa, Arizona

During spring break Aaron and I went to Mesa Arizona to visit his brother and his family. We had a blast seeing the kids and playing with them. We went to the Phoenix Zoo which by the way is so huge and so much better than ours. We got to feed the sting rays, go on a train ride that took us around the entire zoo, rode a camel with the kids, and Kaylee and Kaden got their faces painted. They also took us out shooting (my first time) i loved it!!! First i tried shooting a 22, it was probably my favorite and had no kick back at all. Second they had me try the shot gun, i did not want to shot it at first because when the boys shooting it looked like it had a major kick back and looked like it hurt. Eventually i got the guts to shot it :), it was scary at first because i didn't know what to expect but i ended up loving it. Aaron's favorite was the shot gun. When he was shooting at the clay pidgins he hit pretty much every one. He did so good i was very impressed. Aaron and Ryan also put together a wood house/castle for Kaylee and Kaden which took them 6 hours. They did such a good job, it was fun helping/watching them. It was very nice spending all that time with them.

Zach & Abby's Birthday

My Nephew Zach is now 10 years old and
my niece Abby is 6. They both had
their parties at Classic Skating, It was so much fun
skating with Ms. Abbs and watching Zach have a great time with
his friends.
Abby got to spin the birthday wheel and got to pick whatever
price she wanted and Zach got to go into this thing that
blows money all over the place and how ever many he collected
is how many tokens he got. I have really enjoyed watching
them grow up, it has truly been a blessing. I love them so

The Harlem Globetrotters

Aaron and I went to the Harlem Globetrotters on February 8th.
We took the trax which was very entertaining. It was
my first time seeing the Globetrotters, i thought they were just amazing
plus they kept us laughing the whole time. Aaron and I
had so much fun going together we felt like little kids

Our Christmas Traditions

One of our many Christmas traditions is going to the
Roof with Ellen and Austin. We usually go on a carriage ride
then have dinner. They have delicious food and the view is
amazing. We always have a blast!

Another one of our traditions is going to the Zoo Lights
with our friends. We have been doing for
three years now and we still love it! We freeze our
butts off but we still manage to have a great time.

The Girls

This is one of our many random events that we do
when us girls get together. We get together
weekly and go out to dinner, movie,
crafts, glitter toes and much more. We have such a great time
It's so nice to have such great friends in your life

We love Target!!