Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter / Birthday

Easter was great! We had brunch with my family and
watched the kids look for eggs, they were so excited and had
so much fun.
I wish i was still young and could go to the park and race out to the
middle to try and get as many Easter eggs and candy i could get.

Aaron and I gave each other Easter baskets.. I got him a
McDonalds and ITunes gift card, silly putty and lots of candy. He go
me a pretty white rose, New Moon, a cute little light up bunny, and
candy, candy, candy.

Aaron just turned 22 on March 28... Geeze he is getting old! Ha
We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating it with his family
and my family. We played games, went out to movie, went to dinner and
I actually made him a birthday dinner... It was so much fun :)

I got Aaron an I Pod, he finally has one now! I also got
him a docking station where he can play the songs on his I Pod
He was so happy and wanted to play with it right away. It made me
happy seeing how excited he was.

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